Use Cases

Our mission: to provide professional-grade charting tools and real-time market data for any token and decentralized exchange, hosted on any EVM-compatible chain.
  • TradingView Charts

    Access advanced technical analysis charts for any token with decentralized markets on the supported blockchains.
  • Meta-Aggregation

    Our Open Source API is utilized to discover the optimal price and route for your swap orders.
  • Token Profile

    Gain access to comprehensive statistics, analytics, and a complete transaction list for any token.
  • Any ERC-20 Token on Any Chain

    We automatically index all tokens on supported chains and this is a fully automated process. Over 31,000 tokens indexed
  • Prices API

    If there is a on-chain market for a token somewhere we probably already index it and can give you real time and historical price information.
  • RPC Nodes

    Competitive pricing for high RPS and high volume usage. Get in touch for more details
  • State of On-Chain Markets

    High-level snapshot of what's going on with on-chain markets
  • Multi-Chart

    Analyze and customize multiple token charts inside just one tab.
  • Limit Orders

    The 1inch Limit Orders Protocol is integrated into our user interface, allowing you to set a target price for your orders.
  • Cross-Chain Swaps

    We use bridge aggregation protocol LiFi in our UI to enable cross-chain swaps between all supported blockchains
  • Alerts & Notifications

    Never miss an opportunity with DexGuru price notifications
  • Mobile Apps

    Our native iOS and Android apps enable you to conveniently manage on-chain markets while on the move.
  • Redash UI Playground

    Data Warehouse solution with a user-friendly web interface for data exploration and visualization.
  • TradingView UDF Feed

    TradingView compatible OHLCV candles feed (UDF-Feed)
  • BlockExplorer-as-a-Service

    Affordable Etherscan alternative for EVM compatible chains
  • Data Warehouse

    For most data-intensive applications like analytics, AI, ML, etc. You can run SQL queries for your own data ingestion pipelines on top of it.
  • On-Chain Market Data

    Real-time and historical on-chain trading data (volume, liquidity, etc), from over 180 indexed decentralized exchanges.

Multichain support

At DexGuru, we believe in EVM-compatible chains. Currently, our API provides data on

We have the support and backing of prominent industry leaders.

We secured a total of $6 million through two successful venture capital rounds to develop a sophisticated trading terminal and deliver dependable market data.